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Attention! anyone who has a student between 12-20, is a student between 12-20, or has been a student and is invested in creating success for students all while saving time and avoiding anxiety and stress…

Learn why our children are being under served and how you can “fill the gap” in their education.  

USC Football Coach, John Baxter and award-winning scholar athlete/former NFL player Clint Stitser share the little-known techniques to helping students “flip the switch” from procrastinating and disengaged to focused and proactive!

It’s the rules, fundamental and techniques that one must develop to achieve success in school, in business, and in life.  It’s for those who care about the future of our country’s youth!

 USC Football Coach, John Baxter Is On A Mission To Help Young People Achieve Their Full Potential And Become Confident, Independent Performers In All Areas Of Life!!  This Book Will Show You How…


Coach Baxter Has Invested 30 Years In Developing The Cure To “Education Indifference”!

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Created Out Of The Desire To Ensure No Young Person Has To Experience The Helpless And Lonely Feelings That Result From Underperforming, Or Even Failing In School.

Growing up as the child of a single Mother in Chicago, Coach Baxter was your run of the mill “good kid”.  He enjoyed playing sports and spending time with friends.  The only problem was that he struggled to do well in school, so much so, that he got kicked out…TWICE!

This was a BIG PROBLEM, especially when considering that his Mom was spending a large portion of her income on his private education.  It wasn’t that he purposely being difficult.  If fact, he always wanted to do well, but for the longest time, he just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working out.

  • It wasn’t because he was unable
  • It wasn’t because he didn’t have the correct medication
  • It wasn’t because his teachers were mean and unfair

Coach Baxter Realized His Problem Was That He Didn’t Know Why, And No One Showed Him How…The Exact Problem That Exists For Most Students Today!!

Most certainly you felt similar feelings at some point while you were in school.  Think back, did school ever feel like a never ending series of orders and demands that didn’t make much sense?  And then if you were to question an order, it was answered with some version of, “because I said so?” or “That’s just the way it is…Deal with it!”

The reality is that people are rarely excited to follow orders, but they buy into ideas.  Unfortunately, for most of us, including Coach Baxter, school was an extended string of orders with little meaning.

Describing his experience in school as a “never ending low-grade headache” Coach faced a life-changing situation.  Seek a system and plan for success, or get dismissed from college and lose the opportunity to become a football coach.  Needless to say, he sought guidance, built a system and achieved success.

For Coach, it took massive amounts of trial and error to figure out what no one was teaching, and early in his Coaching career he found many students facing the same challenges and making the same mistakes that he made.

Determined ensure that young people never experience the pain, frustration, and drudgery of underperformance, he intervened.  It was over 20 years ago that Coach grabbed a group of players in study hall and said, “Hey guys, let me help you out.  Here’s what to do, here’s why to do it, and here’s how to do it.”  Over the past two decades his methods have proven to work at Universities, High Schools, Middle Schools, and in thousands of homes.

Boy, Girl, Athlete, Non-Athlete, Rich, Poor, White, Black, or Latino…It doesn’t matter!  His lessons have been refined over the years to relate to and reach young people, regardless of background.

But, don’t take our word for it, look at the proof…



“I have adopted many core principles I learned from Coach Bax that I apply everyday in business including – the daily line up, S.L.A.N.T, note taking (rewriting notes) principles, and my favorite John Baxter Quote: ‘Take the time it takes so it takes less time!’ [Coach Baxter] not only made me a successful student, but the program extremely prepared me for the business world!” Moses Harris, Former Student




“Before Coach Baxter’s Lessons, [my son] had no structure and no understanding.  He wasn’t even close.  He was throwing away free points on basic assignments, his teachers told him that he has “an A brain” but his confidence was beat up!  Now that he has gone through Coach’s program, he knows exactly where he is in every class and he is getting better everyday.  He is literally a different kid now!  In his own words, ‘Coach really taught me a lot!’ As a Parent, I cannot tell you how much I LEARNED by going through this program. It was fun, funny, creative, educational, entertaining, honest and full of great information for school and life.  John Betterman, Parent, Illinois




“…Coach helped [me] develop the skills that are crucial to being productive.  I am very thankful that I was introduced to him my Freshman year in college because his lessons had a huge impact on my success and continues to be an integral piece of my daily life.” Tom Brandstater, Former Student , NFL Quarterback, Finance Professional




Coach’s techniques resonate with the highest achievers who seem to get A’s without ever cracking a book to the students who never seem to be able to get above a C, no matter how long or hard they study…He supports every student in reaching their individual maximum potential.  Julie VogtPhysical and Health Impairments Special Education Teacher


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Coach Baxter Shares His Secrets In His New Book To Help Students To Become Confident, Happy, Effective, and Independent People

As A Parent or Mentor Isn’t That What You Want For The Children In Your Life?

To have all the resources and insights necessary to become successful and independent people who know what to do when you aren’t there.

Sadly our education system is on the decline, and you must take matters into your own hands and protect the future of the young people in your life.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why and How Our School System is Over-promising and Under-delivering
  • The true purpose of an education
  • How to get students to buy into the idea of intentionally developing life skills
  • What it means to be a Coach who effects permanent change in the lives of others
  • Why “Smart” isn’t the key to getting great grades
  • The true source of self-esteem
  • The two ways to learn, and why one is way better than the other
  • The seven “Success T’s” that must be in place to guarantee success in any endeavor or project

On top of learning all of this, John Baxter and Clint Stitser have provided you with a reference section of coaching points and concepts that can be used over and over again to motivate and guide students on their journey to becoming independent performers.

Imagine the feeling of knowing exactly what parts of your student’s development is being missed by our school system and exactly what you can do in order to help them…

Wouldn’t it be great to have the insights and tricks of a proven educator on your side?

Eliminate the wasted time and emotional drain of wondering why your child isn’t performing to their potential!

No more worrying or being perplexed about why your child doesn’t seem to take their education seriously enough.  Stop wondering why they aren’t learning the basics at school, and let Coach Baxter’s methods fill the gap!

Give Yourself Or Your Student The Gift Of Coach Baxter’s Proven Approach For Only $14.99

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In Fact, We Feel So Comfortable With The Effectiveness Of This Book, That We Will Guarantee It:



“If this book does not give you the tools to help take your child to the next level of performance within 60 days of completing the book, we will refund your entire purchase.  No questions asked.” Coach John Baxter and Clint Stitser


 Academic Gameplan at Half Price Is An Amazing Steal That We Cannot Afford To Offer All The Time…Take Advantage!!


Coach’s Influence Is So Impactful, That People Jump At The Opportunity To Become A Part Of His Mission And Help Spread The Message To Help Other Young People

Just Ask This Book’s Contributing Author, Clint Stitser:


“Coach’s influence has been so powerful in my life, that I chose to work with him on this mission instead of continuing my childhood dream of being a pro athlete.  I turned an opportunity with the Detroit Lions, in favor of increasing the reach of Coach Baxter’s work.

As a parent myself, I too have the insatiable desire to be absolutely certain my children have the opportunity to achieve the feelings of confidence, freedom, control, and success that come as a result of taking and applying what Coach Baxter teaches.  I couldn’t be more of honored to be a part of his efforts.”

I “Hate” School gives parents, mentors, coaches, and teachers the background and insights to do the same thing for the young people in their lives.

It is not a book designed to replace your role as a guide and leader to a child, but to strengthen your efforts and provide a point of reference and approach that has been proven to work.

The exorbitant number of former players, students, and customers who constantly thank Coach Bax for what he does is proof positive of this book’s value.

Don’t fall into the trap of “no child left behind” and arm your student with the skills necessary to stay ahead of the crowd

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