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F’s To A’s In 60 Days
Students’ Most Common Mistakes

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KTVNVALUED KTVN VIEWER: As a thank you for watching our story, we are offering you this free report.  It is a totally risk-free and commitment-free offer.  Simply fill out the form and take advantage today!



In this report, you will learn the 7 mistakes that almost every student makes without even realizing.  These simple to fix, and oftentimes catastrophic errors are likely the to be source of your student’s biggest frustrations!

For more than 25 years, Coach Baxter has been focusing on the “Student” side of the “Student Athlete”.  During those years, his approach to creating effective students has proven itself time and time again.  This has been achieved by offering a system that creates independently motivated young people who are:

  • Thinkers:  People who are problem-solvers, proactive, strategic, tactical, organized, and intentional with their actions.

  • Communicators: People who build relationships, share thoughts, listen, invest in face to face conversation vs. sending a one way text, and work through issues.

  • Competitors: People who take pride in their work, who pay attention to detail, who are focused on the preparation rather than the hype, and who are intrinsically motivated by personally understanding “Why” they are doing it all.

    This is a tool that you can use to improve your student’s performance immediately.

    Save Your Child Time & Effort By Taking Advantage Right Now And Fill Out The Form Above!

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